The loading of raw materials can be customized
01 The only method for heavy loads TA SERIES
  • In terms of actual weight, flat raw materials belong to a high load group in comparison to other cargo items. We offer TA series storage containers that are manufactured with advanced technology and designed to safely and quickly store heavy loads.
4 rows of 2540 x 1700 x 330 (mm) racks that can load 4x8 (ft) steel
4 rows of 3150 x 1700 x 330 (mm) racks that can load 5x10 (ft) steel
It can load materials of various sizes such as 1000 x 2000 (mm), 1000 x 3000 (mm), 3x6 (ft), 4x10 (ft), etc.
02 The material rack may be shaped in any manner you wish
  • The material racks are assembled based on a module system that allows the width, length, size, and arrangement of the loading compartment to be freely selected according to the user's needs.
  • image A collection of prefabricated structures
  • image 5x10 (ft) Material RACK for raw materials
  • image RACK 4-row configuration model
03 Loading method and use
  • By loading raw materials into the loading containers themselves, such as pallets loaded with raw materials, or by securing them to wooden supports, raw materials in various states can be processed quickly. Further, scrap used after work (SCRAP) is placed on pallets designed to hold 1200 x 1200 (mm) scrap, and two pallets can be stored in one loading compartment, making scrap management more efficient.
04 TA Series Features
The raw material information office provides the capability to view in Excel and create status reports
Access data through Microsoft Office, Hancom Office, spreadsheets, etc. ; and log raw material storage information in real-time as needed It is possible to monitor raw material information in real time from the office without needing additional configuration, as well as to generate daily, monthly, and periodic reports.
Easy input and search of raw material information
An easy touchscreen interface facilitates the input of a variety of information such as material, size, and quantity, and high-performance PLCs facilitate the search process Raw material information is displayed as a menu and can easily be selected. Additionally, by entering the desired material information in the search box on the screen, the information is quickly matched with the data, and if the storage number of the raw material loading compartment lights up, you can quickly review the material status by switching between the material number displays.
A common desktop computer can be used for remote operation
It allows the user to control the equipment remotely using a computer nearby, rather than the control panel A computer connected to the Internet enables remote operation.
Material transfer shuttle with the shortest path
An absolute coordinate function is used that constantly remembers the current position of the transfer shuttle Since the TA series system contains an automatic memory of its position regardless of the power supply or the position of the material transfer shuttle, it does not require repositioning operations, thereby reducing the amount of time spent on administrative tasks.
  • Absolute coordinate function
  • Always remembers location
  • No origin reset required
  • Reduced work time
  • Maximize production efficiency


01 Automated Storage and Retrieval System, ASRS
  • image
    Maximizing load
    Utilizing as much space as possible to secure a large amount of load
  • image
    Efficient material
    The use of a microprocessor allows for accurate material management
  • image
    Efficiency maximization in
    material handling
    Full automation of warehouse and shipping operations reduces the time required for warehousing and shipping
  • image
    Preventing disasters, including
    accidents involving safety
    Automated work reduces the possibility of accidents caused by manual labor
  • image
    Reduced operation and
    management costs
    Reducing the misuse of raw materials, as well as the generation of non-usable materials
  • image
    Efficient operation
    The reduction of labor force results in a reduction in labor costs
  • image
    Material damage
    Preventing damage and contamination caused by manual loading and unloading
  • image
    Keeping the factory environment
    clean and organized
    Maintaining an orderly workplace with designated loading areas in the factory
Maximizing load space efficiency
Optimum utilization of space through high-rise loading Up to 75% more space utilization!
Smart material management
Raw materials can be received and released with one touch of a button thanks to the easy entry of material data